Protecting Free and Fair Elections

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Every year, Idaho legislators, elected by voters in their district, put forward bills that affect everyday Idahoans. Idahoans for Free and Fair Elections keeps a close eye on legislators to ensure they’re not trying to mess with our election system in order to skew results in their favor.

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It’s important for Idahoans who value free and fair elections to get involved in the legislative process. Legislators need to hear from us, what our values are, and what we approve of and oppose. We elected them to represent us at the capital, let’s ensure they do the job we hired them to do.

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Bills that affect your constitutional right to vote

  • H692 creates bureaucratic hurdles for Idahoans to cast their vote. Among other things, it alters voter ID requirements, making it harder for Idahoans to vote. Bill Information.
  • ┬áH547 makes it illegal for Idahoans to help their neighbor or friend deliver their ballot. Bill Information.
  • H439 moves the deadline for voters to change political party affiliation or unaffiliated designation. Bill Information
  • H693 removes ballot drop boxes, which thousands of Idahoans rely on for delivering their absentee ballot. Bill Information.


How to Get Involved

Contact your legislator today to let them know you oppose these bills. Find your legislator here.

Or fill out this email tool here.